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Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa. Lenana Point 5001is a trekking peak a few hundreds meters far from the main summit. This trip is an excellent one for all levels of walkers with a climbing challenge for those who like to push that little bit more to reach a nice summit where probably you will be just few of you! Six days from the heat of Africa savana through jungle up to the glaciers. One long day of rock climbing on a 450m route, grade 4+ ( D) , to rich the 5250m of Nelion summit.

2013   Jennuary 10-21

Technical skills:

For the main summit ock climbing up to grade 5, comfort on rappelling.

For the trekking , no special skills required

Fitness :

good physical conditions , be used to altitude of average 4000m. ( to minimize the hight mountain symptoms, because of short time acclimatisation, is suggesting to use Dimox ( acetazolamide) before the climb, after a check with your personal Doctor


The Programme:

Day 1 London to Nairobi, hotel accommodation.

Day 2 transfer by car to Nanyuky village, hotel accommodation.

Day 3 transfer with 4X4 at the entrance of the Kenya national Park, and start of the walk up to Meteo Station Camp 3 hours. 3900M hut or tent

Day 4 Climb the “vertical mud” a relatively steep track in the rain range altitude , and finally rich the dry land above 4000 at Mc Kinders Camp 4300. 5 hours. stay in hut or tent.+1400m

Day 5 rest day short walk to give time to acclimatise and support better the next couple of days.

Day 6 Climb along the path with giantsenecis, after a 4 -5 hours walk fifinallyrrive at ththe Austrian Hut , a very basic shed. 4800m. 5 hours

day 7 early start, 4 am , approach the rockk summit, and start the climb, 450m grade 4+ ,rappellingng for the return. 12 hours . ( possible return to Mc Kinders camp,)

Day 8 early start to return along the north route , crossing Shipton camp and after this no far the country car track where to stay over night.

Day 9 4x4 transfer to Nanyuky and from here to Nairobi.

Day 10 visiting Nairobi and a bit of surroundings ( wild life animals) . Late in the evening flight back to UK.

Day 11 at 5a.m arrive in London.

Porters they curry max 16kg, is strongly suggested not to ecxeede on weight .

Price includes , Air fair with British Airline from UK to Nairobi return, transfers within Kenya , food and accommodation for 7 days during the climb, Porters and local guide, cookers, 4 nights in hotel midium range B&B, Mountain Guide UIAGM . Assurance for emergency rescue to the the first close by hospital during the trekking.( no travel assurance).

3800 Euro per person for a party of 2.


Programe Only trekking:

Is not including the rock climb but to rich the Lenana point early in the morning to contemplate the sunrise, return one day earlier toNairobiy and have one spare day for Photographic safari ( not included).

2600 Euro per persons, group 6-8 persons.


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