postheadericon Helliot's Army is back in th alps

One more time the a determined group of Ozi is back in the Alps to challenge them self to rise money for the riserch agaist childhood cancer .

With the leadership of Rich Parish that from a few years organize this special events the Adventurers they have climbed the Gran Paradiso 4061m. most of them they have made to the top, just a few they have stop at 3750m but this is a target that was far to be garanted for them . congratulations to all of them that they have push beyond theirs limits to help Telethon Adventurers. well done:

Rick, Moira, Karin, Michelle, John, Derick, Ivan, Grahame , George, and Phill.


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Morning Star week in Courmayeur

Amaizing fresh snow in Courmayeur. finally blue sky and big runs available to enjoy the real Mont Blanc free ride. All members of all groups have made progress in this challenging conditions and they have enjoy the sourroundings and the Italian hospitality.

Keep skiing.


Cliff Climbing in Swanage
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Beautiful day in Swanage  , a sunny winter day to enjoy the physical climb along the vertical  cracks above the see. Rob has master some enigmatic routes with patient , power and unexpected moves.


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